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The war next door: Conflict in Mexico is displacing thousands

By Mary Beth Sheridan April 11, 2022  As criminal groups battle for control over Mexican territory, the displaced are becoming increasingly visible, in towns such as Coahuayana and at the U.S. border. An estimated 20,000 people have fled violence in the past year in Michoacán state, roughly the size of West Virginia. Thousands more have abandoned […]

Asylum Representation Rates Have Fallen Amid Rising Denial Rates – A TRAC Immigration Report (2017)

Excerpt: Odds of Gaining Asylum Five Times Higher When Represented: Without (legal) representation, the deck is stacked against an asylum seeker. Statistically, only one out of every ten win their case. With representation, nearly half are successful … The proportion of asylum seekers who are unable to obtain representation has risen markedly. Read full report