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Immigration by the Numbers: Recent Reports Show Asylum Seekers and Refugees Strengthen the U.S. Economy

Immigration by the Numbers is a series of timely data-driven analyses of key immigration issues facing the Latino community and U.S. policymakers.

A New Challenge for Asylum Seekers: Lawyer Shortages

A record number of new migrants has left many with legitimate asylum cases unable to find a lawyer to keep them from being deported.

Ninth Circuit Hears Argument in CBP One Turnbacks Case, One Year After Government Launches Ban

Attorneys for the plaintiffs argued that the Ninth Circuit should reverse the lower court’s ruling and direct it to issue a preliminary injunction halting the policy.

Biden’s asylum halt is falling hardest on Mexicans and other nationalities Mexico will take

Ana Ruiz was dismayed seeing migrants from some countries released in the United States with orders to appear in immigration court while she and other Mexicans were deported on a one-hour bus ride to the nearest border crossing.

‘We’ve learned from each other:’ Tucson man hosts asylum seekers in his home

Nicholas Matthews is a volunteer with Tucson migrant aid organization Salvavision. Since last fall, he has hosted a handful of asylum seekers in his home.

Two-Thirds of Court Asylum Applicants Found Legally Entitled to Remain

Most of the thousands of immigrants seeking asylum who have been ordered deported by Immigration Judges have not had any actual Court hearing on their asylum claims.

Trump Says Some Migrants Are ‘Not People’ and Predicts a ‘Blood Bath’ if He Loses

In a caustic and discursive speech in Ohio, former President Donald J. Trump once again doubled down on a doomsday vision of the United States…

Our Immigration Policy Has Done
Terrible Damage to Kids

Here are four steps the Biden-Harris administration should take immediately to prevent further harm…

New HHS Study Finds Nearly $124 Billion Positive Fiscal…

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE)…